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R Rated Reality

  Hundreds of American soldiers storm Omaha Beach on the western coast of France bullets whizzing by, some making contact, spewing out American’s blood.  Saving Private Ryan is a movie honoring American soldiers that fought in World War II.  We are not allowed to watch it at Oak Ridge because […]

Oak Ridge varsity trojans playing against the Davis blue devils. The team displays the modern interpretation of Iroquoian form of the game, with the longer, single stick and box and field.
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For the Love of Lacrosse; Who to Thank and Recognize

Being ranked number one in Sacramento, and tenth in Norcal, Oak Ridge highly values their award winning lacrosse team. However, what many students don’t know about our dearly beloved sport is that lacrosse has Native American origins. Although conquistadors and Europeans have continually, inhumanely oppressed Natives throughout history, Natives still […]