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The Real X-Men

“Shink, zap, boom” the X-men are known and loved by everyone shown on television movies comic books video games and all types of pop culture. but these guys would be nothing with their leader Xavier a mutant with the powers of persuasion and his opposite the X-menss most dangerous enemy magneto the master of magnetism. Their relationship reminds me an awful lot of how martin Luther king jr and Malcolm X would but heads on how to lead a movement in fact i feel as if magneto and Xavier were inspired directly from Martin Luther King jr and Malcolm X.

     Martin Luther king jr was born in January 15 1929 king’s legal name from birth was Michael king just like his dad, his parents had taken king to many churches where he sang in the church choir. when King was a boy he made friends with a white boy becoming good friends until the boys father intervened wanting the boys to not see each other again king later had attended Booker T Washington high school. Wanting to do something about racism king believed humans were capable of more if they focused on something more than racism and thus looked for more of a peaceful approach to his movements. On 1953 Rosa Parks had been arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man upon getting released from prison martin Luther king jr had used this as an opportunity to promote civil rights creating the bus boycott which meant that thousands of African Americans to not use the bus in an attempt get them to remove their segregated policies.

     On may 19 1925 Malcolm little was born in Omaha Nebraska his mom Louise Norton stayed home to tend to his eight siblings Malcolm’s father was a baptist minister whos civil rights activism lead to Malcolm’s family receiving death threats which had meant he was never in one place for too long. Malcolm dads body was found on train tracks being considered an accident but to Malcolm it was from the black legion, being sent to various foster homes. Malcolm leaving to Boston with his friend Malcolm shortie the two were arrested and sent to prison for 10 years with Malcolm coming out shortly due to probation Malcolm was inspired by Elijah Muhammad to create a violent movement seeing non violent protests as non progressive doing the black power movement.

    Stan lee being inspired by how martin Luther king jr was such a charismatic leader who had promoted peace he would use this as the personality of Xavier a leader of the X-men who had powers of persuasion. Every yin needs a yang and so Stan Lee used the struggles between Malcolm X and martin Luther king jr as the idea behind the constant battles between Xavier and magneto with his brotherhood of evil mutants against Xavier’s X-men. Both using the idea of equality and fighting against race to be what these super powered mutant teams stood for.and as such i want the us government to make a change to how there police behave with the African American community and as such will send a letter prompting for the removal of guns for young cops.

Article by Cameron Cunningham







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