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Ryan Anderson’s Depression

An Oak Ridge celebrity has overcome the biggest obstacle in his life.  Ryan Anderson came to Oak Ridge high in 2001 and became a basketball star. Students at Oak Ridge should know about their past alumni like him and that even with as much success that he’s had, he has also had problems of his own like many students at Oak Ridge. Ryan Anderson is important to the fight against depression because he has firsthand knowledge about the issue and its effects on people, and his support of the Gia Allemand Foundation

Ryan Anderson was a basketball star at Oak Ridge, and currently plays for the Houston Rockets of the NBA.  In his senior year at Oak Ridge, he averaged nearly 29 points per game, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. In 2005, Anderson led the Trojans to a Division II Championship. In the first round of a 2006 playoff series against John H. Pitman High School, led by Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Anderson scored 50 points, while Kaepernick scored 34, leading the Trojans to victory.

Ryan and Gia

You sometimes can’t even tell when someone is depressed, much like Ryan Anderson’s girlfriend Gia. People like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, or Chester Bennington died from depression and nobody knew they had it, they kept it so hidden that nobody knew anything was wrong. They’re just a few of many people who suffer from depression and don’t show it. Ryan Anderson was completely blindsided by it when it came to Gia, he had no idea and said she didn’t show any signs of it.

Many people believe being rich and famous there are no worries and life is great. That’s simply not the case at all, celebrities get depression all the time whether it’s from too much attention that they can’t get away from or from losing someone close. Ryan Anderson also suffered from depression because Gia died.  He told himself that he wouldn’t let the depression win and has become an exceptionally happier person since then. He now has a new girlfriend and was still starting for the Rockets, before he got injured.

Depression is something you can’t always point out in someone, Ryan Anderson luckily told people about his depression and got help. Now he’s living a great life and getting to play his favorite sport. Students at Oak Ridge should tell people if they are depressed and get help to prevent a tragedy. If you see someone who is depressed offer them a chance to sit down down talk or just be there friend and share happiness.

Article by Leif Sather & Video by Bronson Maringer 


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