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Conspiracies With the Killing of JFK

On Friday November 22, 1963, Mrs. Kennedy had experienced her husband getting his brains completely getting blown out. No one was expecting this event to occur, but when investigating the assassination, there have been many conspiracies towards the killing. The Zapruder film shows a horrific video that is still speculated today. Knowing this, the United States could’ve been a totally different country if JFK had never been assassinated. The conspiracies towards the killing of JFK are very important to this day because it influences how we think about conspiracies that are newly created and how we should always stay skeptical.

President Kennedy’s first term was soon coming to an end so his team and him started to prepare for his next campaign to pursue his second term. He had many speeches in many places such as Philadelphia or Boston. He would later go on a “five-city” tour of Texas with first first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. While for the rest of the US, there have also been even more going on. Martin Luther King Jr. had been doing speeches all around the east coast and protested for the rights of people that do not have , but in a peaceful way while another leader with the name of Malcolm X who protested did the opposite. The Beatles had become relevant during the time and is considered the best band ever to exist. Also, the US and the Soviet Union had been in the space race to who would get to the moon first. Unfortunately for JFK, he would eventually meet his end in Dallas by an assassin with the name of Harvey Lee Oswald, but there are many other conspiracies about how and why it really happened. The Zapruder film shows a gruesome video of JFK getting assassinated but it is still speculated today on how he died through many conspiracies.

One big conspiracy that could prove all other conspiracies wrong would be that Harvey Lee Oswald could have been ordered by the Soviet Union or Cuba to kill JFK. During this time, we had very close tensions towards Cuba and the Soviet Union, anything could’ve been possible. Millions of Americans were shocked which most people would be wanting an answer to why and how he was killed. According to Miller from The Washington Post, he says “Experts believe many of the 3,100 previously unreleased files relate to Oswald’s six-day trip to Mexico City two months before the assassination. Some believe Oswald received his orders from Soviet or Cuban agents while in Mexico City.” (JFK assassination conspiracy theories: The grassy knoll, Umbrella Man, LBJ and Ted Cruz’s dad” by Michael E. Miller). This quote explains that due to the many files that have been released that are related to the trip Harvey Oswald took to Mexico, that he could’ve have met with secret intelligence agents from either the Soviet Union or Cuba.

One more conspiracy that could be true is how the driver could have been the killer of JFK. As crazy as it sounds, this could be the reason to why he got killed. Back then, people were very suspicious of those who did not follow “ideal American values” and would instantly call them out. According to Jeff Morley from JFK Facts, he says “It is certainly not a story that the American public knows: that the First Lady thought her husband had been killed by political enemies within the United States,” (“Crowd-sourcing Jackie’s thoughts on JFK’s death” by Jeff Morely). This quote shows that even the former First Lady had been very suspicious of the agents that were in the car with her. Another quote also according to Michael E. Miller, he says “If you look at a really bad copy of the Zapruder film, it will look like William Greer, the driver, reached over his shoulder with a gun and shot Kennedy in the head.” (JFK assassination conspiracy theories: The grassy knoll, Umbrella Man, LBJ and Ted Cruz’s dad” by Michael E. Miller) This quote expresses that you can see William Greer, which Mrs. Kennedy had been suspicious of, pull out a gun that leads up to him shooting JFK.

Overall, there are many conspiracies about the assassination of JFK that could very true throughout each point. Cuba and the Soviet Union are great examples of how influenced the thinking of thousands were back then during this tragedy. The Zapruder Film also brings many other conspiracies to the table that will also be questioned. Knowing this, many things such as the 2016 elections could have been tampered with by Russia that helped lead to Donald Trump’s victory which is how these conspiracies about the Soviet Union relate to today. Anyone who lives in the United States should always stay skeptical to whatever seems to be true or not.

Article by Grant Friesen and Video by Vincent Sinclair



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  1. Grant, although you bring up some valid points regarding the Kennedy Assassination, a large amount of evidence upholds the official government findings regarding President Kennedy’s death. The Warren Commission, which was assigned to investigate the Kennedy Assassination, considered evidence and data for many months after the incident. Many facts such as the gun belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald, or his alias Alek J. Hidell, and Oswald’s prior attempted assassination of a U.S. major general point to the conclusion that Oswald was the lone gunman and had no outside influence. With this said, however, there is still indeed the possibility that a conspiracy may have occurred and resulted in the death of John F. Kennedy.