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Are Video Games Good?

“#1 Victory Royale!” All kids that play Fortnite want to see that on their screen. A game that has been ranked first out of every game. Fortnite has impacted many generations. Not only has this game made an impact, video games in general have affected society today. Video games have made a positive impact, as they can make kids better multitaskers and help people of different ages in so many ways.

From the time technology was invented until now, so many changes and advancements have been made. During World War II, radios were used as wartime propaganda and could only go so many miles. They used radar in submarines to see other ships and from there, many advancements were made. Friedrich discovered liquid crystals and LCD screens were made. In 1930, the radio was created and in the 70’s the computer, mouse, CD player, and cellphones were invented (Timeline). From that we have made advancements and the technology has become better. For example, cellphones became smartphone and computers became laptops. In the 2000’s, famous games consoles have been made like Wii, Xbox, and Playstations. Video games started out by playing on computers and in arcades. Now we can play them on our phones and TV’s if you have a game console.

Video games require hand eye coordination and multitasking. Kids have to be able to know what buttons they are pressing and watch the screen at the same time. Some games even require you to work with and talk to other players, so not only do they have to know what they are doing; they have to know what is going on with the other players. Talking to other people could improve social skills and if your talking to people all over the world or even country, they will be different ages. Some games even “helps improve your memory” because the player has to listen or read directions and then remember what they have to do (Engadget). It can make people more aware and can improve concentration. Playing certain games makes people have to be aware of their surroundings so they can succeed. If they did not concentrate then they could possibly lose because they lost track of what was going on. All these concepts can be applied to everyday life and improve their skills.

Video games can help different people in many different ways. They help people with dyslexia because “video games require you to respond very quickly, to shift attention to one part of the screen to another” (Vanessa Harrar). It does not make it go away but it helps improve their skills. Video games also relief pain. Someone can be so focused on a game that they temporarily forget about the pain they are in. Virtual reality games help people with burns because the brain is focused on other senses like touch and sight and it reduces the pain (PainResource). Games make people smarter, but more street smart. It improves problem solving skills by making the players think ahead carefully so they can succeed. You have to come up with new way and think outside of the box which can lead you to be more creative. They can also be games that are for learning purposes. There are many that help with learning another language, math, and other subjects and it makes people more interested. Not only can it educate people, but it can speed up their brain processing because it is constantly working and taking in new information by the second (Engadget). It can work different parts of your brain that will help with everyday habits.

Video games have advanced over decades and have helped people a lot. They should be looked at as a more good thing by people. Everyone should play them more, but make sure to manage your time well. They become less positive thing if the games start to control how much time you spend on them. Parents should see the benefits of them.

Article by Kelcie Bonal

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