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Video Games in Today’s Society

Did you know the League of Legends championship got more views than game 7 of the NBA finals?  Video games have made their way into a big part of the American society and it is important to understand the effect this has. This is an important topic because video games are one of America’s biggest entertainment industries and is looked at as a negative activity by many. Video games are important in understanding the society we live in today because it is one of the biggest entertainment industries and the technology used in it is used in many other aspects of modern society.

In 1970 the very first microprocessor was created by Intel. In 1963 the integrated circuit was invented which allowed computers to be smaller and more powerful.  The first personal computer to have make any footprint in the computer industry was the Altair made by Ed Roberts in 1975. In 1982 Time Magazine headlined that computers were the machine of the year.  The very next year (Intels first microprocessor Apple introduces the first ever computer with a graphic user interface. A few years later Nintendo releases a handheld gaming console called the Game Boy, becoming the best selling gaming system of it’s time.  In 1995 Sony releases the Play Station in North America. In 2001 employees at microsoft rearranged a Dell computer to create Microsoft’s first gaming console: the Xbox. A year later the company released Xbox Live which was as internet based community to play games over the internet.  This transitioned us to playing games with people in the same room to playing games with people from all over the world.

Video games are one of the biggest entertainment industries in America. The video game industry is worth 22.4 billion dollars.  Today people are even making careers out of it. Today specifically, 26 year old Tyler Blevins (Ninja) has an estimated net worth of 8 million in 2018.  He makes his career off of streaming his games of Fortnite through Twitch. Twitch is a website, similar to youtube, that lets gamers stream their games live to audiences.  Ninja has the most subscribers ever since Twitch’s existence. However, in an interview with cnbc he says, “you can’t just drop everything and play video games for a living.”  He emphasizes that it is more important to focus on school in order to make sure you have something if video games don’t end up working out for you. Now, in the modern world not only are video games a form of entertainment they can  also be a possible career path. Whether that is designing and making (Fortnite them or playing them professionally.

The technology used in video games is the same technology used to make our lives easier and more efficient. Today video games are played on multiple different platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox one, and mobile devices.  All of these different platforms have similar technology being used to play video games with ease. For example, in Microsoft’s early prototype developmental stages of the Xbox computer engineers rearranged parts of a Dell computer in order to enhance the performance of playing video games on it.  This was the basis of how the Xbox was created. The Xbox actually has many basic(gaming PC and PS4 computer parts in it. These technologies that have allowed us to enjoy playing video games, has also allowed us to make our lives easier. The biggest example: computers. Computers have made it easier to get work done faster, communicate faster, and be more organized.  The technology and processors in gaming consoles and pcs used for work and productivity are very similar.

New technologies have allowed us to have the luxury of video games which have made an impact on American society today by being one of the largest entertainment industries in America and the technology used in them has been helpful in many other aspects of our lives.  It is important to understand the effect video games have had on our lives. Remember to enjoy video games when you have free time but like with anything else do not make it an obsession which could lead to wasted time.

Article by Ryan Rogers & Video by Ryan Carpenter 

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