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Mr. Overrated

John F Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. When he was assassinated the whole country was in shock, everyone was grieving because there be loved president had passed away. Well many of those people grieved for no reason because JFK was not all we thought he was. Everything we have all learned about the oh so fabulous John F Kennedy wasn’t as great as you might think it really is. John was a decent president for the united states for sure, but he is not this american god some people see him as. Mr. Kennedy is the most overrated president in history of America.

At the beginning of the 1960’s people thought that it was the Golden Age for America. On January 20, 1961, the handsome John F. Kennedy became president of the United States. His confidence that, as one historian put it, “the government possessed big answers to big problems” seemed to set the tone for the rest of the decade. Even though when the 60’s started the US seems to start falling apart. The fight for Civil rights broke out in the united states. This effort for equality set the tone for what the 60’s was going to mean in history. JFk didn’t have it easy in office but he sure did doa pretty terrible job handling it.

Donald Trump is probably one the, if not the  worst president america has ever seen. You would be surprised how much you can relate JFK to Mr. Trump. They have both made irrational decisions on behalf of the united states and both of their personal lives have been pretty dishonest and gross. If we have someone like JFK running the office again, then i smell alot of problems heading in the United states direction in the next few years.

JFK had an pretty glamorous presidency up until he was killed. Many things have popped up since his death many years ago. Such as praying on younger interns like 9-year-old White House intern with daiquiris and then having sex with her. As well as he kept many health secrets from us. The president is supposed to be a strong leader and figure of america, not some guy who relies on painkillers and booze to be ok. If you think this isn’t that bad, and your saying stuff like “He’s only humans and we make mistakes”. Well i don’t know what kind of mistakes you make but on top of this, the guy wasn’t even good at doing president things. He had many failed foreign policy such as the one in Cuba. Many historians think he an very very very below average president and should not or ever be seen as one of the greatest presidents we’ve seen. Oh and by the way, he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe when he was married to his wife, Total scumbag.

JFK has received love for how he appeared on TV. The way he carried himself and just what he looked like. The ladies love a man in an suit. Maybe that’s why he had many affairs with his interns! In all seriousness, JFk had no idea what he was doing in office. EVER. “Kennedy Himself didn’t know what he would do” in Vietnam, stated Robert Dallek. How can you be president of the united states (Who by the way lied about the true reason we got involved in the vietnam war in the first place) and not know what to do in an war WE SHOULDN’T EVEN BE INVOLVED IN. AN war that caused thousands of families pain and sadness, an war that was one of the most violent in american history. Although kennedy did do some good, like very very little good. BArely any good if we are being honest, he is overrated. Not good at all, trash of you ask me. A pretty trash person and a pretty trash President.

In conclusion JFk Sucked, pretty bad.  We need to make sure that someone like him doesn’t get back into office. We need someone who at least knows what he wants to do while sitting on the oval office. Saying this, think about who we have in office right now. Donald Trump. This man could be an even worse president than JFK, he is already an worse person. He like JFk has had many affairs, recently it was found out the he had an affair with an adult film actress. (Pornstar if you will). We need to get him out of the office and get someone in there who is trustworthy and knows how to run an country. How can our whole country trust him when his own wife doesn’t and sleeps at hotels away from him?

Article by Joey Delgado


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  1. This article is very straight forward and I think that helps get your point across very well. Although some people disagree and some agree there is evidence that can support both sides of the argument. JFK was a war hero and the people felt safer with him as president as he would know how to help our country by changing the way our military works. With having a background in the military JFK could make it better. He also supported the civil rights movement which made him more equal and more fair for his country. Trump could be considered a good president he withdrew the bad programs from the pass and enforced better programs for our country.



  2. Although Kennedy may have made some bad decisions in his personal life, he did a lot to support the youth in America as well as its economy. He was the youngest president ever elected, and turned into a symbol to support the silenced youth in the US. Not only did he support the youth, he made establishments to ensure a better future, like creating the Peace Corps in 1961, and supported unemployment, transportation, social security and minimum wage. He worked to reform the economy and help those in poverty, and he also brought the US economy out of recession in his short period of presidency. If he had not been killed, there is no telling the reforms and speed in which he could have helped the US.