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The Worst President

America you’ve been cheated and lied too, Richard Nixon has lied to you what are you gonna do about it just sit there and be a sheep.Richard Nixon was our 37th president and considerably one of the most famous presidents in history siding with Kennedy bush and Obama ending the Vietnam war.Have you ever wondered where our anti crime laws came from well thank good old Nixon for implementing them but regardless of Nixon’s accomplishments he’s generally considered to be the worst president.

Born in a Yoruba farmhouse in 1913 Nixon had moved to Whittier in 1922 graduating second in his class at Whittier college marrying Patricia Ryan at an inn. During 1942 he had gone and joined the navy working for the south during world war 2 was then elected in 1950 to be a us senate for California. Nixon was selected by Dwight D Eisenhower to be his VP together they had been elected by the majority of voters and had been reelected promising to put an end to the Vietnam war as his main goal.

After successfully ending the war in Vietnam Richard Nixon had became known to be the only president to have resigned from office. Nixon had lead a revolution on Vietnam focusing on how to fix the relations after its end building up relations with the ussr to china specifically to ease cold war tensions using china to build pressure to north Vietnam to end the war or at least to form a settlement. But do to the Watergate scandal Nixon had left relations to break up abruptly leading to Nixon’s resigning from the office having been apart of the Watergate scandal Nixon had his successor Gerald Ford pardon him.

During his presidency Nixon had made many mistakes in the past however it did not prevent him from completing his goals. Nixon was known for completing the things he had promised when getting elected building a considerable amount of the public’s trust. Over all Nixon had made goals to change the foreign policies wanting to be more aggressive toward communist Vietnam. Vietnamization being just one of Nixon’s policies he had made to end us involvement in the Vietnam war but training south Vietnamese troops and sending goods and money to fight the north Vietnamese.

Richard Nixon was an important figure in us history with his accomplishments of ending the Vietnam war making himself known as the 37th us president. Richard Nixon was a man of action and as such we need to take action and send a letter to congress to address its previous laws to make small adjustments to our policies regarding how we deal with crime lately. Looking back on their effectiveness in the past and while Nixon did not make good choices as president he still left an impact as one of america’s presidents.

Article by Cameron Cunningham 

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