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Does Ronald Reagan Wear A Cape or A Mask?

When you think of a hero or a villain, you usually think of comic book characters. In this case it’s someone we’ve all learned about. Ronald Reagan is a villain because he did more harm to this country then he did good things. Ronald Reagan is a villain because he increased the national debt by $2 trillion and he made large cuts to important national programs such as medicare. While Ronald Reagan did good things, he also did horrible things that affected this country greatly. The actions he made toward this country made Americans fear for how they were going to live and also how the cutbacks to these important programs would affect them and their families.

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He was elected in 1981 and served until 1989. Before Ronald Reagan was elected to be the 40th president of the United States, he was a Republican governor of California. When Ronald Reagan was younger he was the member of the Democratic party and he campaigned for Democratic candidates however as he grew older his views grew more conservative and in the early 1960’s he became a Republican. In 1964 Ronald Reagan became very well liked when he gave a speech for Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater. Two years later Ronald Reagan defeated democratic incumbent Edmund Brown Sr. by almost 1 million votes. After he finished his term as a California Republican governor, he ran for Presidential office and won. He was by far the oldest president to be elected at 69 years old. For the first part of Ronald Reagan, he was a very popular president, however when he began to start making changes to government programs he started to decline in popularity. This cause great panic to Americans who lived on these medical programs and relied on them to help feed their families.

Ronald Reagan is a villain to America because he increased the national debt by $1 trillion dollars. Before Ronald Reagan became president, the national debt was $144 billion. This money that he spent, was used for military spending. Ronald Reagan believed that the government is not the government is not the solution to our problem, but that they are the problem. Due to these increases, they had to cut and close many mental hospitals which would force out the patients and put them on the street leaving them homeless. This meant that people with mental illnesses are running around in the streets and can hurt people. These ill people can be a major threat to the society. Ronald Reagan wasn’t thinking anything of this and was only thinking about the military and himself. These people trusted the government to help them get the treatment they needed. America’s were furious and worried about what this country’s future has in stake. People were worried what the president was going to do next to this country. They believed that he would continue to make cuts to these important programs.

Ronald Reagan is a villain to America because he made large cuts to many important government programs such as medicare that helped people who had lower incomes make living easier. According to the US National press, Ronald Reagan made cuts to important programs that people with low incomes needs to live. Ronald Reagan cut different programs such as medicare, medical and Social Security. He also cut important programs such as food stamps, welfare, education and many more. When he cut these programs, it put many families in risk that they would lose their home and not be able to feed their families. This forced families into poverty, and imade parents have to work more than one job which put more stress on the normal family life. He used this money that he cut from these programs to increase medical spending. Many families worried about how they will be able to live, and how they will be able to pay for food since these families depended on these programs.

In conclusion Ronald Reagan was a villain to America because he increased the national debt by $2 trillion, and he also made cuts to important programs such as Medicare, food stamps, welfare, and many more. When Ronald reagan was elected, he told Americans that he would help make this country a better place, but in the end he made this country worse. While Ronald Reagan did good things to the United States like lowered taxes and unemployment rates, he did many more horrible things to America. I think that we should educate America on the horrible things that Ronald Reagan did and also to prevent this from happening again, we need to be paying attention to our current president. I think that we need to be able to contact our presidents with concerns we have with the decisions he has made regarding this country. We as citizens of the United States of America should be able to tell our concerns without him tweeting out and back lashing to what we have to say.

Article by Samantha Russell

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  1. Oak Ridge Student

    I strongly disagree with this article because it is completely one sided and cherry picks the facts. Yes, Reagan did cut Medicare and other entitlement programs that were drowning our nation in debt. However, you did not mention any of the economic benefits of Reagan’s presidency. In the Carter administration, inflation was at a staggering 15%, and US treasury notes were essentially becoming worthless. Within the first year of Reagan’s presidency, inflation went down to 4%. By the end of Carter’s presidency, one out of every ten people were without a job. By 1988, three out of every 50 were without jobs. Reagan also was very important on a foreign policy perspective. He decisively ended the Cold War without involving a nuclear exchange, he curbed the spread of Communism, and he revitalized a weakened American military. All these achievements lead to the life of luxury we enjoy today. Our safety and respect on the world stage, our economic security, and the protection of our freedoms all come from the decisions that Reagan made as president years ago. It is a same that this article was vague in explaining why the programs Reagan made cuts to were valuable and using evidence to support claims made. However, I applaud your activism as a journalist. Even if we don’t agree on everything, we always need more people with strong beliefs of justice and fairness.