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The Horrors of School Shootings

Could you imagine going to school one day and that will be the last day seeing your peers? School shootings have been very relevant lately and that is not good. Recently, there has been a shooting in Florida and about 17 people died. This topic is important to the ORHS and the rest of the schools in the nation because it could happen at anytime in any school. When these shootings happen, people lose friends and family members and become scared to come to school. These shooting are ruining schools because now parents do not think school is a safe place for children at all.

Despite these places being a place of learning, shooters have turned many of the nation’s learning institutions into deadly crime scenes. Some of these schools include The Virginia Tech shooting in  2007 which killed 33 and injured 25, The Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 which killed 28 and injured 2, Columbine High School shooting in 1999 which killed 15 and injured 21, and most recent The Douglas High School in 2018 , which killed 17  and injured 14. These numbers can just tell you that no one has done anything effective enough to stop these because they range from 1999-2018 with large numbers. Every store does not allow children to buy alcohol, tobacco products, and even gasoline. But this kids somehow get a hold of guns and these numbers are the result.

Due to the recent school shootings in Florida parents are second guessing sending their children to school. Many students are in constant fear they could be victims of a school shooting. Honestly, I would be scared too. Just put yourself in the parents shoes, would you send your kid to school after a school shooting? Most likely not. Even after hearing about the threats on social media, and from your kids, probably not the best idea.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in December 2012, was reported to police at 9.35am. Officers arrived less than four minutes later; within a minute, they heard the gunman shoot himself. In that time the shooter had already killed 20 children and six adults inside the school. This is a reason why we need more cops on campus. Coming from a cop that works on a school campus himself, he says we need more cops at the school too. He says that when a 911 call gets to the cops in the area and then they arrive, it takes about ten minutes. On average, school shooting last 4-7 minutes. But when we have more cops on campus,the shooter would me more intimidated by them and have less of an urge to go.

In conclusion, schools are not as safe as they should be. Even on open campuses, people can just walk in and start shooting. Not good whatsoever. But there are some good ways to help prevent these horrific events from happening. One way is to have more cops on the area, if we have more of the cops watching the school, then that could help us a lot. Another way we could help prevent shootings is give the teachers guns. There has been a lot of talk about if its a good idea or not but nothing can hurt. Also, us as normal people can write to politicians about our ideas and how we can help.

Article by Anthony Verandes & Video by Paul Hissen

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One Comment

  1. I agree with your article and saying its hard for some students to come back to school after the terrible accident. Your call to action with having more security around, aka cops, its smart and if anything happened we would already have a hand on it. In 1764 their was a school shooting in Greencastle, Pennsylvannia. The teacher, or what they called schoolmaster, was shot along with 10 of his kids. Not only did this shooting happened but it caused people to be held as prisoners and soon lead to other conflicts. This shooting proves that the shootings aren’t just relevent to today but have been happening through all of time and we have yet to stop them. We need to push towards better security, have more assemblies to talk about what to do when happening, and other movements to get school shootings to end.