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Can There Be A Soviet Russia Part 2?

Imagine a world with Russians raining from the sky opening fire on innocent people. This is a scene on the famous movie Red Dawn. Could this movie be foreshadowing what Russia today is capable of.  Russia is one of the biggest threats to the American people as seen on the news by citizens. The Soviet Union and Russia are both almost one in the same. They have the opportunity causing mass destruction to the United States and its people. This country can not be able to repeat its past and take more power then it already has to protect the U.S. citizens. Russia today and the Soviet Union are similar because they both have growing nuclear and atomic weapons programs and has tensions with many other countries.

The USSR, or the Soviet Union, was a socialist controlled country during the 1900’s, specifically from 1922 to 1991. After emerging from the Bolshevik revolution in the fall of 1917, the Soviet Union participated in World War II and other battles in attempts to spread communism. The Soviet Union’s communist government was run by a man named Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin killed 20-60 million people under his regime with things including The Great Purge. During the 1950’s the Soviets and the United States had quickly growing nuclear and atomic bomb programs which began the arms race. Also during this cold war the United States and Russia never fought head to head but had proxy wars such as the Korean and Vietnam War.

The USSR and Russia both had/have atomic weapon programs that can cause mass destruction.  The USSR and the United States atomic weapon arsenal was growing everyday. With this the nuclear arms race began these two countries. The USSR then started the Soviet Atomic Bomb Project. This project starting from 1940-1949, was initiated by the Manhattan Project which was the United States version of the Soviet Atomic Bomb Project. The project started the main developments and tests of the USSR’s first nuclear weapons. After the bomb droppings in the neighboring country Japan, this program was then pushed even more by the USSR. While Russia’s nuclear program has not tested a nuclear bomb since the 1990’s the country still has nuclear weapons capable of mass destruction. In February 2018, Russia has announced a potential missile that has limitless range and has the ability to dodge the U.S.’s missile defences.  Just like the USSR has not used atomic bombs trying to cause destruction to other countries, Russia still needs to be watched with them having capability of ending the world.

Modern day Russia and the United States are still stepping on eggshells, with Russia participating in the Ukrainian civil war, the War in Donbass, and the US participating in the middle east, both countries are attempting to ease relations.  With the United States now supporting the Ukrainian military fight the Russian-backed rebels, tensions could rise as the countries enter another “proxy” war, almost as if the cold war never really ended. Russia gained these tensions from the Cold War when Soviet Russia had control of a lot of countries with there communist regime.  With Russia not really helping the war in the middle east, just destabilizing the control that the NATO forces had established.

Modern day Russia is similar to the Soviet Union because they both have and had growing nuclear and atomic weapons programs and they both continue to have tensions with many other countries, such as the United States.  The United States needs to make sure Russia is not attempting to start a World War 3 especially with there new missile technology. This can be achieved by being having more meetings with Russia and Putin. The United States needs to tell Russia to slow its missile program and not show videos of the United States being hit with the missile.

Article by Nick Snyder & Video by Aiden Burrell


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