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“Election is rigged.” A claim of Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential election. They supposedly leaked information that damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign, even though they deny it over and over again. The history between Russia and US has gone so far back and we are still having complications with them today. Russia has been a central enemy to the United States since World War II and they still are today.                                                    

During World War II the US and Soviet Union were both pitted against Germany from 1941 to 1945. We had an alliance which was a key part in defeating Nazi Germany. When Nazi Germany invaded the USSR, in June 1941, it made an alliance with the Soviets and two of strongest countries, at the time; Britain and the United States.Months after the attack, the US still helped the Soviet Union by the Lend-Lease Act. After the War ended, the US came up with the Marshall plan, which was a plan made by Americans to help Western Europe. The United States offered to give over $13 billion to help rebuild Western European countries after the end of World War II. We worked well together and were on good terms for a while, but that quickly ended.

World War II started the Cold War which made an impact on today.  During World War II, Roosevelt used a policy called “the Grand Alliance” and a plan to not have many problems with the Soviet Union. He was set to keep the Grand Alliance after the war and truly thought the United Nations would maintain the peace. Roosevelt died in April 1945 and President Truman tried to follow Roosevelt’s plan with staying mutual with the Soviets, but he saw how Stalin worked. Germany was split into two parts; East Germany, which the Soviets controlled and West Germany, which the US controlled. In East Germany, the capital Berlin was also split into two. The US got the west side and Soviets got the east side. The Soviets then built the Berlin Wall, also known as the Berlin blockade, and they tried to spread communism. We started to drop supplies to the people in Berlin by planes, which is called the Berlin Airlift; and we tried to contain communism.  American leaders agreed that the best way to defeat the Soviet threat was a strategy called containment. This led to the Cold War because they had to shut down communism by any means necessary. There were wars but the Soviets and the US never fought each other. There were wars and they were called “proxy wars” and they were fought by Soviet allies instead of the USSR. Atomic bombs were created and tested. The first bomb tested “created a 25-square-mile fireball that vaporized an island, blew a huge hole in the ocean floor and had the power to destroy half of Manhattan” (history.com). The threat of nuclear destruction had a huge impact on American people as well. Many people made bomb shelters in their yards and homes. They practiced safety drills in schools, work, and other public places.

Russia and the US are still against each other and still fighting each other. Russia is one of Syrian President’s most important international backers. They have been supplying weapons for the Syrian military and government, even with the international criticism.Moscow wants a Syrian port to use as Russia’s main “Mediterranean base for its Black Sea fleet, and has forces at an air base in Latakia” (bbc.com). In September, 2015 Russia started to launch airstrikes against the rebels, claiming the Islamic State and all terrorists were the targets. The US helped Syrias main opposing alliance, known as the National Coalition. The U.S. “flexed its muscle in a way that hurt Russia more directly” (Trump). Trump made a decision to send a missle  attack “on a Syrian airbase after a chemical weapons attack killed 86 people” in Syria, which included 27 children (truman library). These complications between the two countries will go on for who knows how long.

Russia has been an enemy for decades and they will continue to be. They will be enemies until we do something about it. Write to your Congressman or even President and tell them how they could just make amends or go to war. The most logical would be not going to war but express how you feel and how this can be stopped. Tell them, as their citizens, how you would want them to handle this because of your kids future.

Article by Kelcie Bonal

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  1. I agree with many of the points made in this article. The author provided some background information regarding the beginnings of the Cold War which was excellent in understanding current events. One thing I would add would be the Space Race that America and the Soviets had in the 1960s.