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The Atomic Bomb

In total we owe millions of lives to the Atomic bomb. It saved us in World War 2 and saved about 3 million American and Japanese lives. Well if one was not aware already the USA already dropped two atomic bombs on two very populated cities in Japan. Most people do not realize of how big of an impact the nuclear bombs dropping was. The nuclear bombs helped the future and saved more lives than it destroyed. If we did not drop the atomic bomb russia might of developed it first and dropped it on the USA. Also if we just never used the atomic bomb Japan could of done another attack on the USA and would of hurt us really bad and killed many innocent citizens. From Chinese people we learned that the Japanese do not care in world war 2. They performed ruthless tortures on thousands of Chinese people, and if we did not drop the atomic bomb American citizens could have been tortured by the Japanese. Throughout history it has taught us that dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was truly a good call to end the war with the least amount of casualties and how it showed off to the world in the world.

Leading up to dropping the atomic bombs on two Japanese cities it all started with the coming power of a Dictator. His name was Adolf Hitler he started bringing a new party to the table in Germany called the Nazi party. It started out small but over time it kept growing and growing till it got enough support to make him president of Germany. From their he started arresting his political enemies and throwing them into camps, were they had to do military type drills and had harsh discipline. This is where hitler got the idea of concentration camps for the Jewish people, he started making Jewish people caring papers to show they were Jews. Then they had to wear patches that showed they were Jewish. If they did not have their papers or the patch on they were put in jail. Then he started moving them to Concentration camps he gave 1 day to get all their belongings and get out. Through time as it went on it just got worse he decided to invade Czechoslovakia first and Britain and France said do not do that and gave him a slap on the wrist. From their Hitler was like well that was not bad so he wanted to go invade Poland but Britain and France decided not to go easy on Germany so they said if he invaded they would declare war on Germany. It started out small but grew very quick and converting many governments to be fascist like them. Then going to conquering almost all of Europe by 1940 with its small allies Italy, Japan, and other Axis Powers. Another big point that started the war was when Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor. The dock of most of America’s navy ships. They flew over the ocean and decided to bomb all  of our ships and destroy about eighteen ships and they were all named after states in the USA. Also not only ships were sunk they killed many innocent people they killed about 2403 civilians and military officials. They wounded 1178 people and if they have never attacked pearl harbor we would of never got into World War 2, we were mutual for almost half of the war.

Dropping the big history changing “Atomic Bomb”. Many people think dropping it was very unjustified. But it actually saved lives, if the bombs were not dropped the American casualties would of ranged at least of 500,000. The Japanese casualties would have been at least 1 million! The two bombs only killed 262,000, subtract that from the estimated 1.5 million that would of been killed if we did not drop the bomb, that equals up to 1,237,000 people saved from dropping the atomic bomb. So then if we did not drop the bomb 1 and a quarter million people would be dead compared to only this small amount. One other big thing is the USA offered Japanese to surrender and end the war for good, but they declined. They should of done the math to see the casualty difference from these two options. Which is mostly their fault for not saving lives on both sides. If Japan would of surrendered we would not of even dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. But we also lucked out because Japan thought we had more atomic bombs than those two but we did not. The dropping of the atomic bombs was the next best way besides surrendering to end the war. What little things that Truman did not know was that Japan would not surrender after forcing all of their men to fight to death. From Japanese documents their army was prepared to lose 28 million people! Even though the Atomic bomb was a good choice to end the war it was also the least bad option.

The Atomic bomb was not just for making the Japanese to surrender it was also a way to show the rest of the world how big Americas arsenal really was. It also was a real way to see how the Atomic bomb would actually work in a real situation. It was a way to warn other countries not to mess with America they had to see how powerful it really was so they made Japan almost just like a guinea pig for the Atomic bomb. It also was a scare tactic to scare russia sense it made us one of the Superpowers. That made the two superpowers America and the Soviet Union. Is it that bad though to show who is the big dog to other foreign countries? Most people would think not, because it will show other countries to be scared of us and not challenge us. If they have not seen our military arsenal they would just attack us and kill many innocent lives for no reason. So it would be good to show off our big bad weapons every once and awhile.

In the end dropping 2 Atomic bombs was a good way to end the war and show other countries what we are not someone to mess with. Japan was not the ideal enemy in ww2, the ideal enemy was the fascist. Anyone that was fascist or that became fascist America new it was not good at all. (Fascism is that the government has full control over the people and the government has more power than the people). The Allied Powers knew that Fascism was bad when it just started because it was pretty much a dictatorship. The whole war was based on the fact that we were in war with fascism. More people need to look into about the bomb dropping in Japan. Many say it was a bad idea because it killed many innocent lives but they don’t know how it ended up saving millions of lives. Go and research yourself do not just think of how bad it was you need many of details to make a accurate accusation.

Article by Jason Garrahan


Big Boy(CNN)

Nagasaki devastation(google images)

Explosion of Atomic bomb(google images)





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