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Why can’t we be friends, Russia?

Well maybe it’s because we have had many problems with Russia as a country in the past and many of these problems are starting to come back in today’s life. The cold war caused alot of tensions back then between us and them. (Us being The United States). We must put these past tensions behind and become friends to make sure our future generations have an world to live in. Our two great countries could be the key factors to peace and order on this Earth. There are alot of things we have gone through together, some good and some… well and some not so great at all. Let’s take a look at these things right now actually.

So one of these “Things” is the Cold War.  So from 1947 to 1991 we were at war with Russia. The reason people call it the Cold War is because there wasn’t any bloodshed or battles fought but there was an even bigger threat, nuclear warfare. Now although we fought as allies against the Axis Powers in World War 2, our relationship was never anything but tense. Us Americans never really took the USSR very serious because, well we had the nukes and they didn’t. That all changed when Russia started to  make there own Nuclear Warheads and we got a little scared. So what would happen when two nations who are both pretty power hungry and want to be the dominant force are put in an situation like this? If you guessed “Race to see who can have the most world destroyer bombs before the other” than your absolutely correct my friend. America believed that the best defense against russia was containment, as long as Communism did not reach every corner of the world we would be ok. Of course with all this containment happening and now real conflict, russia had more than enough time to perfect their bombs. In 1949 the Arms Race had officially started against Russia and the U.S. It was already an thought in the back of their heads but they decided to take full action in 1949.  These bombs had an effect on everyday life in america such as bomb shelters being built in the backyards of peoples homes, Duck and Cover drills in schools and also an bunch of movies  talking about what could happen if we didn’t contain communism. Movies like “Red Dawn” showed the soviets invading the U.S. for no reason and killing thousands of americans. These were the fears that we had when all this was going on. Things are different now, and it’s time we come together.

Friendship is key to stopping many of the worlds problem today. Us being tense toward each other is not helping anyone in this world because they are forced to choose sides. The best way to avoid war, and fight the war on terror is to become allies and help one another. Russia you are having your own problems with syria and we could help you take a better approach on that and maybe even help you win that war. We are also dealing  with our own set of problems with terrorism. Since 9/11 we have been in a constant war against terrorism. If we did unite there would be an very huge chance that these radical groups of humans would quiet down and the world might finally be quiet again. Also, a very important reason to become friends is because we do own 90% of the worlds nuclear warheads. If we want to avoid the world blowing up, our best shot is to end the beef between us. Maybe, just maybe we can be buddies again… It’s time to move on past this stuff that started in 1947, Its 2018! It’s time to forgive one another.

I personally think that the time to change our ways is now. I really do believe that we are top 5 powers in all the world and if we did unite the world would be at peace. No picking sides, no terrorism (at least for a few years). Also, of course we would run into problems but its nothing we can’t handle. We can leave fears of nuclear destruction back in 1950, and we can focus on gaining each others trust back. The world has been at each others neck for far too long, we have been living in fear of ar for many many years. Causing ourselves all this stress and fear for no reason at  all. We all want the same thing which is peace, and the best way to acquire this pace we all desire is to, well is too become friends again.

So in conclusion, are we friends with Russia right now? No, not really but that doesn’t mean we are enemies either. We just need to stop trying to outdo each other. We can very well become friends in the future, again i think our countries will realize the benefits of that friendship and we will finally have peace throughout the world.

Article by Joey Delgado



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