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Triple Murder Triggers War!

A twenty year old Serbian terrorist shoots a leader in 1914, history repeats in today’s world. Why is the one hundredth anniversary of World war One important to us today? To understand history can help us not to repeat the same mistakes. How did the first world war begin? Have you ever asked the question, how does a war start? World War One was triggered by the assassinations of the heir of the throne of Austria and Hungary. This was a double murder, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia who was pregnant were killed. This happened on June 28,1914. The war went on until November 11,1918, 4 years. The reason we need to learn about this war 100 years later, is to teach the impact effect from an evil act of violence. It is important to learn how one murder, in this case two murders lead many people from many countries into a major war. This can happen again today with the conflicts with the Middle East and Korea. The countries that fought in this war were, Britain, France, Russia,Germany, Italy, and the United States. These same countries could be led in a war today. The big four allied powers are the same today.

World War One resulted in approximately 37 million people dead. This number includes both military and civilian deaths. The death toll would be even larger if a world war was to break out in today’s world because the population has increased in the last 100 years. On the first day of the Battle of the Somme, a German machine gun killed many British soliders.  Today, we have seen many headlines similar to World War I.  The only difference is the high tech weapons of war, casuing more death and destruction as we can see in syria and Afghanistan.  Just like President Bush had expected a fast victory in Iraq, Kaiser Wilhelm had told his troops they would be home in the fall season.  Both were very wrong.  We, as the next leaders of the free world need to know the facts of World War One so we can work to prevent wars in our future.

As the war changed the central colonial empires of Europe, people immigrated away from their homelands as they do today also. The wars central powers were Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy and the allies were France, Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. It is the facts that are important for us as high school students to learn ; many who joined the military to fight were mostly teenagers just like us. There were so many boy soldiers, some only 12 years old. They were in the middle of tanks, poison gas, flame throwers, and death.

Just as journalists are often threatened today, journalists were told they would be killed if they were caught reporting on the war. They were executed as the enemy.

Another reason why why we need to learn about the  100th anniversary of W.W.I is to know who assassinated  Archduke Franz  Ferdinand and his pregnant wife. Who? The Black Hand Serbian terrorist group. This fact relates to the threats of terrorists groups today, like ISIS and Boko Haram , Al Qaeda, and the Taliban to name a few.   There needs to be an ongoing united front of all the united Nations to fight against terrorist groups in tracking through technology and prosecuting them like Amal  Clooney does in court.  

We cannot turn our minds off to the history of wars.  Even high school students need to learn as much as possible from the past because they will be our future leaders.  We are the next in line to solve problems to make a better world, free of war.  Do not ignore World War I and II, the lessons learned will help us unite to create peace.

Article by Nathan Aranda

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