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North Korea and Nuclear Annihilation

    Boom you are dead your mom is dead your family is dead everyone you love is dead why because you let north korea build those nukes. North Koreans have been meaning to join the nuclear arms race ever since the first nuke had been used by the us. North Korea has been bragging about being able to send nukes over to the us causing tensions to rise for the us and the communist country. Will the us citizens react to these claims made by North Korea or will we face nuclear annihilation by the militaristic country.

     September 9,1948 the democratic people’s republic of korea was formed in the north with shtykov becoming the first soviet union ambassador and kim il sung becoming the premier this was when north korea came to be its own separate country from south korea. Kim il sung would go on to eliminate all of his rivals for power with in the the korean workers party and then becoming the country’s absolute leader sets off to transform north korea into a militaristic communist country. Kim would form a highly effective propaganda system centered around making kim il sung seem like a god and rule unchallenged for 46 years making north korea one of the most isolated and repressive societies in the world.

     Kim il sung would have a son he named kim jong il who was born in 1980 and joined the Workers’ Party, the official ruling party of North Korea becoming kim il sung’s successor in July 1961. Even though North Korea began distancing itself from Soviet domination in 1956 they had still kept relations with the soviet union Kim Jong Il had oversaw the Propaganda and Agitation department, the government agency responsible for media control and censorship. Kim jong il gave firm instructions that the party’s message is to be communicated constantly by writers, artists, and officials in the media. Kim jong il was said to have kidnapped and force  filmmakers to make movies for him Mixing history, political ideology, movie-making, and propaganda Kim encouraged the production of several epic films, one of the films being pulgasari. kim jong il had wanted to join the nuclear arms race creating several nuclear warheads in which he had threatened would be capable of being able to reach the united states soon creating tensions between north korea and the united states.

    Kim jong il had died december 17 2011 with north korea losing another (great leader) kim jong il’s son kim jong un would then take over as north korea’s next leader becoming the third successor. Kim jong un would continue to finish his dead father’s work and continue north korea’s nuclear program to make nukes that could reach overseas, reports from japan had hit the news saying how a north korean missile had flied over them creating a scare for the united states and japan who believe it was unacceptable and went against the international community. North korea had then stated how their missiles are technologically advanced enough of reaching the US mainland this had created a lot of tension with the us with people fearing ww3 is coming.

     It is with threats like these that make north korea dangerous and the more we ignore there claims we could face nuclear annihilation. To avoid a chance at nuclear war we need to stop north korea all together preventing them from using their nuclear warheads but to prevent another war with them we need to stop them peacefully. By making a peace conference and making a deal with north korea to shut down their nuclear programs we should be able to stop the possibility of nuclear war for the meantime you should start living near a bomb shelter.

Article by Cameron Cunningham 

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