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Kim Jong Un

North Korea gathers at rallies to show off their nuclear warheads and military.

The past Leaders of North Korea have had a reputation of being physco, Kim Jong Un tops them all. Students should know the level of insanity were dealing with when it comes to Kim Jong Un. He’s threatened to launch missiles and nukes at America, and were in direct fire of it. Knowledge about Kim Jong Un is essential due to the facts that North Korea is developing better technology for warheads to reach us, and will he actually use that technology on us? If he does WW3 would be upon us, and many fear it would be the end of us.

Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather both were leaders of North Korea too. They deprived their citizens of food water and knowledge of the outside world like Kim Jong Un is doing now. Joel S. Wit says “North Korea discriminates against individuals and their families on political grounds in key areas such as employment, residence, and schooling through songbun, the country’s socio-political classification system that from its creation grouped people into loyal, wavering, or hostile classes.” For years North Korea has still been at War with South Korea, but no battles or conflicts have happened since America Joined and helped South Korea in the 20th Century.

Kim Jong Un doesn’t care about his people and they’re left to fend for themselves.

The threats made by North Korea to the United States are real and propose a serious threat. Darren Hunt explains “Their people are robots, sporting lapel-pin pictures of their Dear Leader and regularly attending mass rallies where thousands move in unison like the Radio City Rockettes.”Over the past couple years Kim Jong Un has been working on Nuclear Missiles and has been making threats to use them against us. Human Rights Watch says “WW3 fears have been raised and North Korea expert Gordon Change has warned rogue dictator Kim Jong-un could spark a ‘global conflict’.”

Kim Jong Un doesn’t provide power to his Country, only the capital where he lives is lit up, the rest is darkness.

World War 3 would be the end of all wars given that it would probably be the end of humanity itself. If a missile is launched at the United States, we would have to retaliate which would cause a chain reaction of other countries getting involved, the fallout would be apocalyptic. There would be no happy ending to nuclear war, it would be chaos, and probably cause more deaths of Humans than any event in the worlds history. Kim Jong Un would be insane enough to launch them at us too, he threatens the US and makes fun of Trump.

People need to be educated on him and what kind of power he has, many people know who he is, but not what he is. He is a person that deprives his people of food, water, electricity, and knowledge of the outside world. He is a person that if given the technology, would stop at nothing to wipe out America. People need to raise awareness of him and what he could be capable of, by starting organizations around the country for people to listen about who and what he is. This would spike military enlistments, and help prevent anything from happening. North Korea needs to be stopped somehow, otherwise we could be on the brink of extinction.

Article by Lief Sather & Video by Bronson Maringer


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