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Technology’s Impact on Warfare


Throughout history we have witnessed how technology has impacted the military in a huge way. World war one is a prime example of how new weapons changed history forever. These changes not only affected the nation’s military, but all of its citizens too. Even though these advancements were made to better protect us they also instigate the aggression of other countries. This turning point of war becoming the deadliest it has ever been, was due to the fact that it was dominated by industrial weapons, unlike any war had ever been before.

When the U.S. would join this World War One they had to prepare themselves to combat this new and advanced warfare, after being neutral for so long. The lethal technology introduced included machine guns, which were a fairly new concept to soldiers. Without having to reload every time, these guns could fire up to 600 rounds per minute. Tanks were developed to combat the constant firing on the western front. Another lethal weapon was Gas. Chlorine gas, which caused burning in the throat and chest, was first used by the Germans. Mustard gas was the most the most deadly of these. The colorless gas was filled with shells, causing horrible reactions to the skin and inside the body. Planes were another weapon seen for the first time on a battlefield. Aircrafts were used to deliver bombs, but quickly became a means for carrying armed soldiers, to be able to attack the enemy from above ground. This new approach at winning a war changed the game for soldiers.

Currently we have bigger problems to worry about with even more advanced technology making its way into warfare like micro drones, guided bullets, wearable robots, and new planes. But of all these, nuclear weapons create the biggest conversation.

The US was the first country to have nuclear weapons, until the Russia tested its first atomic bomb in 1949. After this the US was eager to dominate again, which would lead to the arms race during the Cold War. Great Britain, France, and China also joined in on the massive production of nuclear weapons. Eventually the building tension between these countries led to the Cuban missile Crisis, in 1962. Not only do these weapons threaten the lives of many people but our environment too. Now North Korea is now testing nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs, potentially creating another threatening situation.

Advancements in weaponry will always be essential, because every country wants to outdo the other and be the most powerful. This is the problem with what is happening to our military. Technology will continue to become deadlier and and easier to use. Although some of these ideas maybe for making it more safe for our soldiers the risk of dying will also go up with the rate of safety. When other countries see us upping our tech they feel the need to come back with something even more powerful to combat it. If we aren’t careful we could find ourselves in another situation similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and lead to another massive production in deadly weapons.

We can see this tension rising again, with our conflicts involving Russia. Word of Russia’s new weapons has caused a need for more powerful weapons amongst our military. In response the U.S has been developing a product known as the KEP (Kinetic Energy Projectile), which is described as a “devastating” weapon and “moving at three times the speed of sound that can destroy anything in its path” (Patterson, Defense One). Although these nuclear weapons may not be used anytime soon, tension levels are only rising with Countries eager to intimidate its neighbors.

With each weapon made to compat another, these advancements could be looked at as threats to any opposing side. As countries keep upping there defence, it is only pressing the issue of a potential war outbreak.

Article by Nina Ecaterinis

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  1. I agree with many of the points made in this article. Our history has proven that the most effective way to invent new technologies is to be in war. Many of the technologies initially developed for war often become available for civil use in peacetimes, such as the internet, the GPS, and the computer.