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We Could Be Getting Nuked Tomorrow

In America today, we have been at a constant back and forth battle with North Korea. President Trump feels the need to flaunt our nuclear power on twitter to Kim Jong Un. Two insane leaders saying “You wont” is an pretty scary thought. We haven’t been closer to getting missles launched at us since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962. In all honesty these situations are pretty similar in comparison.

Hold up, let’s take it back real quick.  Russia and The United States actually fought side by side in WW2, well that was after Germany turned on them and backstabbed Joseph Stalin. Even though we buddied up to fight the fascist Germans, we were never the closest of friends.  We knew Stalin’s harsh ways of leadership could be a threat to America but at the time we need to band together and stop the scary German troops who were destroying the whole world in an blink of an eye. After the war there was just an general distrust for each other and were scared of what each other might do, Which threw us into the Cold War.

So during the Cold War Russia (again not being an fan of us americans) decided “Hey let’s become besties with Cuba”, and it was honestly a very good move on their part. Arming angry Cubans with some pretty deadly missiles sounds like an great idea right? So of course when you give people weapons they are going to want to use these weapons on someone who is only about 90 miles away, Who better than The United States Of America! When news of these Missiles being pointed directly at the U.S. people were in total fear of a nuclear war was about to break out. People were so scared that the U.S. Navy put a blockade between Cuba and America, but it all ended well because no one blew up and we just agreed that if Russia took out the bombs from Cuba We wouldn’t go attack. A pretty fair and just deal considering the were ready and armed to shoot.

So let’s bring it back to today, actually lets recap. In 1962 tensions were high and we almost broke out into nuclear war because of some trust issues. In 2018 we have an president who lives on twitter daring some crazy guy from North Korea to “Bring it”. Now again in 1962 we almost broke out into nuclear war, it seems like we are begging for it now. Bombing alarms went off in Hawaii by mistake a few weeks ago but what if they had really sent over missiles (They being north korea). For those who don’t know, North Korea is an very dangerous communist country. People in North Korea are mistreated and are allowed almost no freedom. They’re leader Kim Jong Un seems to care very little about his citizens and I think we should try and make a change and get north korea to fix there ways and become more civilized.  What I think we should not do is play chicken with an crazy man armed with nuclear weapons who has test fired many times saying “Aye America… you see this?’. Time and time again our president eggs it on as an joke. Saying that “My button actually works and is bigger”, oh yeah and Russia still arent in love with us so they would most likely side with North Korea if things went bad. So if you think about it, times really haven’t changed much since the last time someone threatened to nuke us.

We could get nuked tomorrow and be throw into what we feared so long ago. We should lay low and stay out of things like this because we an are putting people’s lives in danger and acting like nothing will happen when something could at any moment. We must take these threats super serious and relly prepare for the worst because right now we seem to just not care at all whatsoever. What if we get nuked right now, then what do we do? It would be another world war but this time ever country is powerful and has nukes. The world would end, millions would die. Trump has been doing an decent job in office, but his actions towards this situation have been unacceptable and his mental state should definitely be checked after all is said done. So ask yourself this, what is trump trying to prove by taunting or (flexing) our nuclear muscle? Also if we did get nuked tomorrow would all this be worth it?

Article by Joey Delgado





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