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Spider-Man and The War On Terror

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Have you ever thought about the hidden messages in famous movies, like Spiderman? Many people may know of the Spider Man sequels. One may not be able to see the hidden message in this series. They would see right through them and just watch the movie for the action and drama. One of the main hidden messages is how it relates to the war on terror, yes the war on terror. Some people would not think that the war on terror would be embedded in a family friendly superhero movie. It relates throughout lots of of superhero movies like Spider Man it also was in IronMan and a couple other series too. However, It mostly stood out in Spider Man from all the big hints like in Spider Man 3 with Venom and Sandman. In Spider Man 3, how the main bad guys are Venom and Sandman which are the to key elements of sand and oil. Is it a coincidence or were they connecting it to the war on terror in the Middle East.  Most of Spider Man was made before 9/11. The creators of Spider Man also had a trailer withdrawn because of it having the twin towers in it after 9/11. It was a surprise to most of the people that they would just withdraw most of the whole trailer. Spider Man didn’t just make hints about the war on terror the movie was partially based on it. It opened many eyes to the how we tried to stop it in the past, war on terror and what america has been doing against it.

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It all started way back with the Monroe Doctrine, the Bush Doctrine and semi recently 9/11. The war terror has been a problem for a long time now. The Monroe Doctrine stated how European powers would not mess with the Western Hemispheres. This was pretty much stating the Powers of Europe to not have a bunch of puppet monarchs running around. Also so Europe would not Colonize people in the Western Hemisphere. One example was in 1962 how the Soviet Union began to build missile launching sites on Cuba. So the Monroe Doctrine was invoked because of the Soviet Union. Another huge thing was the Bush Doctrine, the Bush Doctrine was created after the bombing on the world trade center. The Bush Doctrine was a way how to prevent terrorists creating or getting their hands on weapons of mass destruction. One time when we had to us the Bush Doctrine was in Jan 16, 1991 The US had to push Iraq out of Kuwait. It did not push them out by itself it had help from several other Arab Countries from the U.N Security Council. After they were pushed out the U.N Security Council decided to get rid of all of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, they had sent of inspectors to Iraq to make sure of them getting rid of all their weapons of mass destruction. 9/11 was a big roll into triggering the creators of Spider Man to add the war on terror to the Spider Man story. After the World Trade Center was destroyed they realized how big of a deal the war on terror actually was.

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Consequently, one of the biggest events in history that changed America forever was 9/11. 9/11 was a terrorist attack on new york city with two planes that ran into the world trade center buildings. They had a total of 4 planes two of them hit the two twin tower buildings and the one of the other ones hit the pentagon. The last one was on target for the white house but the people on the plane got control of the plane and crashed it way before it reached the white house. No one thought it was possible for some terrorists to get into the US, get on a plane with guns and hijack it and fly it strait into the world trade center. Since the day of the destruction of the World Trade Center the security of all America has increased, One example is how airports make one go through numerous safety precautions. One may think of it as a waste of time but if they did not have all of these we could have another hijacking to damage more of American property and kill many innocent citizens. It was this that majorly triggered many superhero movie creators to add hints from history events to teach the viewers.

Spider Man is a story about the main character Peter Parker as Spider Man. It all started when he was bit by a radioactive spider which gave him powers to climb walls and shoot webs out of his wrist. He did not just sit back and enjoy his powers. Over time he learned to control them and start to use them to fight crime. The story was written by Stan Lee and a bunch of other people he first thought the idea was terrible because no one likes spiders and he was a teenager and teenagers were only supposed to be sidekicks. He did slip it in to his artist and his artist drew it and then showed the public and everybody actually liked it. From their the whole Spider Man storyline started. It began with comics which people loved then from their they took it to the movies. The people did not just want one movie though so they created a whole series till this day that is still enjoyed from kids being born in 2010 and up.

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War on Terror is a huge concept now a days but about 30 years ago it was a very miniscule topic. Now it is happening all around the world in many different countries. In Spider Man they reference the war on terror a lot one big example is in Spiderman 2. In Spiderman 2 they had Peter Parker take a break from fighting villains, as soon as he stops his crime fighting crime rates shoot through the roofs. Then the press starts making Spider Man look like a criminal. Well if you think about it Spider Man is acting just like America, Steyn said it was “antidote to the stunted paranoia of Fahrenheit 9/11,”. If one thinks about it he is right if you just ignore bad things they are not just gonna go away. Especially if your the most advanced country in the world with the biggest military you can not just ignore the bad things you need to do something about them. Also another huge reference to the war on terror was in Spider Man 3 with the Villains Sandman and Venom. These villains if you pay attention in the movie resemble sand and oil, could that be referencing the Middle East? Most definitely soon the oil infects Peter and his aunt May says “turn us into something that we’re not.”. Oil is a huge money bank if you find oil you will be rich so that is how it will change someone like Iraq referencing aunt May. To get rid of the infection he has to fight the Venom and Sandman alliance. This is a direct comparison to the U.S in the Middle East fighting for the oil to protect it from Iraq.

Through all the Spider Man series it shows how the war terror affected the creators of spider man. Also how Spiderman was not just made for the money it was also made to teach people about the war on terror. Like in Spiderman 3 with oil and sand, but also in Spider Man 2 with Spiderman stopping crime fighting. It just all end to end that war on terror is terrible and terrorism is awful they could just settle down and talk then rather than blowing themselves and many other innocent citizens.

Article by Jason Garrahan

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