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North Korea is a Threat to America

You are about to die. You just don’t know it yet. Hearing multiple explosions outside confused you greatly. You are only a child, taught to duck and cover, if you see giant mushroom-shaped clouds and when the windows give way. These instructions were explicit and enforced and were instructions that were broadcasted everywhere. These are the instructions that, in the time of the cold war, displayed how to protect yourself from nuclear attacks. However the cold war has passed, as well as many others, now there may be a new threat of nuclear attacks from North Korea. Many people believe that North Korea is a threat and needs actions to be put toward it because of its unique ability of nuclear power.

Korean War (The Intercept)

North Korea is a small country in Asia that has been causing commotions that puts some fear into some people’s eyes. North Korea used to be a whole country with its South partner, South Korea, but after the cold war passed, the US and Soviet Union gave up control over the country and caused it to be divided which led them to appoint leaders for the two separate nations. According to History.com (North Korea History), the leader that was put into the power of North Korea was “the dynamic young communist guerilla, Kim Il Sung” (par 5). Kim Il Sung brought his dictatorship into the country with great force. When Kim Il Sung was in rule, he made everyone serve under “Juche” meaning self-reliance. “Juche” means that the state had control over the economy and did not allow trade. At first, North Korea had a successful head start with help from the Soviet Union, but later on, the South had gained economic foothold while the North stopped growing. North and South Korea, now furnished with two leaders, one communist, and the other anti-communist, now are at war with each other over who has control over who, this goes on as the Korean War. In summary, the Korean War was the result of a disagreement between the two leaders of North and South Korea over who had control over the Korean Peninsula. The North invaded the South but was disabled by the US for aiding South Korea.  After the war, however, both sides signed an armistice leaving the border as a “heavy guarded demilitarized zone” (History.com, par 8). After Kim Il Sung’s rule passed, his son, Kim Jong Il gained control and introduced a new law that made the military the states the first priority, even over its citizens. Because the military was the top priority, North Korea had significant economic and agriculture problems in their hands. North Korea’s nuclear program was brought up by the Soviet Union by educating North Koreans on how to achieve nuclear power. Now led today by North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, new threats are coming from North Korea to send warheads here to the US.

Kim Jong un (CNN)

First, how does the nuclear bomb work? The nuclear fusion bomb is a weapon that fuses atoms to release large amounts of energy that can be very destructive. Another type of atomic bomb is called a fission bomb, a relatively stronger nuclear kind of weapon that requires heavy atoms, such as uranium 235,  to split and release large amounts of energy. These two types of bombs were the types to be set off on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. North Korea achieved nuclear power and began to test their weapons while being closely watched by the US and sending threats such as how they would “mercilessly wipe out the aggressors” (The Big Think, par 2). North Korea has been performing nuclear tests that have been grabbing nations, around the world, attention which is making them uncomfortable that North Korea may be able to launch missiles such as ICBMs, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, that may have the capability to reach the US. Their recent tests show that they have the ability to launch their ballistic missiles over Japan. Most people are now seeing articles pop up from CNN and CBS News that say that tensions between North Korea are high. For example, an article written by Rebecca Shabad from CBS News explains that the former vice president, Joe Biden, supports the idea that North Korea is a threat to America and that Nuclear war between the two nations is imminent and we must take action to stop it. This fuels the crowds fear of North Korea which should signal the Trump to do more on this subject.

In conclusion, North Korea is a hostile threat because of its nuclear power and using that potential to threaten others. The US needs to take more action in stopping the nuclear threats, North Korea’s ability to attack the US and assure citizens that they are safe. President Trump must make more effort on the subject of North Korea being a nuclear power. If the public is reassured then and promised that they are safe, then the people will view North Korea too insignificant to worry. The US nuclear ability may be the most powerful in the world, and some other countries may contest to us like the US is to North Korea

Article by Adrian Ordanza & Video by Nicolas Biaggi

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  1. I agree with the points brought up in this article. One thing I would add is how we as Americans want to spread democracy, and this further isolates North Korea because of its fascist government structure. One piece of outside evidence would include the fact that our nuclear capability has increased exponentially since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which supports the claim that North Korea might think twice before attacking America.