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All throughout American history we have made an effort to encourage competition in market. During the Gilded age, 1869-1901, three major monopolies emerged. Henry Ford and his motor industry, John D. Rockefeller with his steel industry, and Andrew Carnegie in oil. These businesses edged out competition and made more money than they knew what to do with. Today, in a time in history where almost everyone owns a smart, Apple shows similarities to these former monopolies in how much of their market they own.

Apple is similar to all three of the monopolies in different ways. Apple acts like carnegie with their aggressive way of pushing out competition and creating their own market. This doesn’t mean apple is doing this on purpose, but they would be genius if they were. They make products solely compatible with their own brand so all money invested goes to them. Carnegie’s steel industry was highly competitive because of their level of efficiency and creativity. Apple also made their production most efficient using Ford’s assembly line. The assembly line was arguably the most important thing that Henry Ford made.

Apple is one of the biggest computer and phone companies in the world and they continue to get bigger every year. The demand for the iphone became so big when they created the first true, touch-focused phone. Touch focus meaning you don’t have to use a stylus.It was the fastest smartphone of the time and everyone loved it. The advertising they used and still use is so simple that anyone can understand and be attracted to it. The iphone also had other features like a 3 megapixel camera like no other, that made it more desirable. When the first iphone came out in 2007 it was revolutionary but it is now 2017 and apple is still beating every competitor. With the Iphone X the market is left with no competition.

So today, a time in history where almost everyone has a cell phone, Apple is starting to take advantage and show similarities to monopolies in the gilded age. We have evolved a lot since the early 1900’s but demand will never change. The demand for steel, oil, and motors took over the world and made a lot of money for a lot of people. Now, phones are taking over the world and apple is on top.

Article by Jalen Mitchell

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