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Is Podcasting the New Radio?

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Ever wanted to have your voice heard on the radio? Ever wanted to be a famous radio star that everyone in your town or city would know? The radio stations here in the Sacramento area have some voices that the people around here would be very familiar with if they listen to the radio regularly. But there is a new form of audio that can let some people have a voice. People get to interview others who are quite popular or some just rant or talk about their day, whatever it is, Podcasts are stepping into the spotlight and making an impression on people who don’t get to be on the radio everyday. 24% of Americans surveyed have listened to a podcast in the last month and 40% have said they have listened to one.These podcasts may eventually replace the radio, a historic and iconic item that has changed the world from the 1930’s to today where pop music is played and people expose celebrities. Why was the radio so important and how did it impact the world.                                                             

When it comes to being an influential icon, the radio is a near the top of the list. Starting out as an instrument of war, using morse code to communicate with allies, it is now used as a means of transmitting music to radio receivers. The result of the radio was because of new discoveries and innovations such as electromagnetism and the use of Hertzian Waves. An example of the radio being used for a casual use was in 1919, when an engineer named Frank Conrad started to transmit a program of music from his garage which then eventually triggered people to build their own radio receivers to listen to the program. When the company Westinghouse, where Conrad was employed, found out that sales have gone up because of him, they moved his setup to the top of their factory. From there they got a federal license and set regular broadcasting hours and that’s when radio began to show its potential. So why was the radio so important? It was able to bring joy in the Great Depression and the communication capabilities of the radio was on the biggest innovations ever used.

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Today, podcasts are used for all sorts of activities, from ranting, talking about a certain subject, or even have pre-recorded music in a playlist in the form of a podcast. Whatever it is, podcasts today are now growing at an exponential rate and people are finding new uses that could possibly replace radio. Starting from a man called the “Father of Podcasts”, Dave Winer, the author of the RSS format, proposed a concept of “audio-blogging” using an RSS format, he released the first feed for his friend Christopher Lydon which he posted to his own weblog. Later more people have began creating their own podcasts and releasing them on their own websites. These podcasts were usually interviews of political figures, bloggers, and futurists. Now after a few years, podcasts have now bloomed into a new common      format that could replace radio indefinitely. Today the top three most listened to podcasts are Dirty John, A Murder on Orchard Street, and Lore.               

So how does the radio and podcast impact the students of Oak Ridge? Without a doubt, radio is one of the most influential forces to anyone today whether it be a news broadcast or celebrities gossip, radio has affected students of Oak Ridge, giving them information that spreads quickly over the school. Some Oak Ridge students also listen to Podcasts. Podcasts are able to let somebody feel like someone is there with you, talking to you. A Lot of students listen to podcasts while doing homework or any work in general.

Many students of Oak Ridge continue to listen or even create podcasts for their peers and the world. Although radio is still a big part of the Oak Ridge community, podcasts may eventually take over. Not only can it be a big part of Oak Ridge, it is already a big part of the world with around 115,000 English podcasts and counting with even more podcasts created around the world. These people who have never had a voice before now are able to speak and have others hear what they have to say. Imagine what others would want to say to the world and let others know their information that they would like to spread. This new communication may affect the world in a variety of ways.

Article by Adrian Ordanza and Nicholas Biaggi

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