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The Confederate Flag

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The Confederate flag has caused a lot of tension in America over the past 150 years. In 1861, the Civil War occurred and in August a protest happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Slavery has affected today, because people are still racist. Even after a good 100 years, there is so much history with the Confederate flag that the controversy is still around today. Some people do not know the true reason why the confederate flag is such a big deal. Should the confederate flag be something we keep or get rid of?

The Confederate flag connects with slavery, this is why some people think the flag should be looked at as a bad thing. People say it’s a symbol for slavery because the southern states supported slavery and the flag represents the south. Many black people were slaves and they were treated poorly. They were whipped and tortured if they didn’t do the work right. After a while, the Northern states realized slavery was wrong. Abolitionists such as John Brown did anything in their power to get rid of slavery. John Brown spread fear in the South by attacking Harper’s Ferry by violence while, others wrote books and set up meetings. President Abraham Lincoln was elected and did not slavery to spread to the northern states. The South seceded from the rest of the country because they still wanted slavery. This is how the Civil War started. The flag also connects with the Civil War. After Lincoln was elected and the South

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seceded, the Civil war broke out. People were willing to fight for slavery just so they wouldn’t have to do their own work. The Confederacy was made off of slavery because half of the country was against it and the other half supported it. Lincoln may have created the war. It could have been caused by him because he was elected and wanted to ban slavery but the South thought they could secede from the country. They wanted slavery and did anything they had to in order to have it. The Confederacy was a right to democratically leave the Union. The flag represented the South and they wanted slavery. This is why some people think we should get rid of it.

Even though the flag represents the South and they wanted slavery, that does not mean we still want slavery today. It was a part of history and should still be a symbol we keep. It tells a story of how we split up, united again, and we got rid of slavery. Lincoln’s goal was to unite the country and then fix slavery issues. In order to bring us back together, he had to address the slavery problem. In the end, slavery ended and the black people were free. That did not work out for long. The southern states found ways to get slaves again. They made taxes and jobs like sharecropping to belittle the black people and make them do work for the white people again. We found a way to overcome this with laws. The flag may represent the south and symbolize slavery but it has a great story behind it and holds a lot of history.

The Confederate flag has a very dark and negative meaning towards it. African American probably do not like seeing people celebrate the flag and celebrating the part in history that caused a lot of harm in the African American community. The flag has racial ties far beyond the Civil War. The flag was adopted as a symbol of the Dixiecrats. Which was a  political party devoted to, among other things, maintaining segregation. The Dixiecrats declared the commitment to “White Supremacy.” The campaign of the Dixiecrats was “Made the flag a fixture in places where it had been only a novelty before.” The Robert E Lee statue that has been very controversial lately had a lot of history to it that gave people reasons to be upset that it was up in the first place. Robert E Lee was the top general that found on the South’s side in the Civil War. Which having the statue up would represent that hard work he did to try to fight to have slavery exist.These all relate to how what happened in Charlottesville in August. In

Charlottesville Protests (New York Times)

Charlottesville many groups such as the KKK, white-nationalists, and Neo-Nazis all got together to create the biggest rally ever. There plan and goal for this was to “take America back”. They went to go protest the city’s plan of the removal of the Robert E. Lee memorial statue in Emancipation Park. By the statute is where the counter protesters were. When they met at the statue they at first were throwing racial and normal slurs at each other. While the group got more and more heated eventually a member of the white nationalist group got in a car and eventually ran into the group of people killing one person and injuring many other people. This shows how even in today’s world people still think there ethnicity is better than someone else’s. Slavery turned into segregation and now  certain groups people think they are better than others because of their skin color. This ties into how slavery and the confederate flag separated the world in the 1800’s and now it separates the world today. The confederate flag controversy is still around today, and causing major conflicts in the US. People  have many different views on if the confederate flag should be praised or taken away. Many governors have been talking about getting the flag removed from their state. Virginia’s governor announced that they would remove the flag from state license plates. Also the South Carolina judge dismisses the case to keep Confederate flag in courtroom. As you can see the confederate flag has been causing a lot of issues and drama in the news.

The flag symbolises something horrible from the past but it also reminds us of what has happened in history. We can not repeat history. Even though there are different groups with different views, we can not divide again. We should keep it as a reminder of what can really happen and the outcome of this. The flag is also a symbol of history that was an awful time, but we overcame that and it shows how it made us stronger as a country.

The Confederate flag should be something we keep because it’s a part of history. If we got rid of it, we would be ignoring a big part of history. People should respect it and not use it to show racism. If none of this happened, there could still be slavery. The Confederate flag is a piece of history, how slavery came to an end, and we came together after a hard period time. People should look at it as a lesson, not a bad thing to just throw away.

Article by Kelcie Bonal & Hailey Honaker


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