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Should the Washington monument be taken down?

Washington Monument (wikipedia)

Many people think and say that George Washington was one of the greatest presidents we had, but many people do not know that deep history and background of George Washington.The Washington monument should be taken down. IN 2017 there was an extremely peaceful protest going on saying that Robert E. Lee statue should be taken down because he fought to keep slaves. Then Charlottesville attracted all kinds of racist groups and parties. The then peaceful protest turned into violent riots all because of people’s belief on an statue. This statue has a  different meaning to everyone. Some see it as an racist symbol. Others see an great general from the days of the civil war.

Many years ago people wanted to go and build his statue but the had many obstacles. “Lack of funds postponed construction, but Marshall persevered, and in 1833, he, James Madison, and others formed the Washington National Monument Society. By 1836, the society advertised for competitive architectural designs. The winning architect was Robert Mills, whose design called for a neoclassical plan which provided for a nearly-flat-topped obelisk surrounded by a circular colonnade on which would stand a statue of Washington in a chariot. Inside the colonnade, statues of thirty prominent Revolutionary War heroes would be displayed

George washington did some bad things but you can’t ignore all the good things he did for the country.”“Under Washington, financial chaos gave way to a thriving, national economy that ultimately benefited all citizens and strengthened the nation as a whole.”

Despite all the good George Washington has done, he has also done pretty terrible things. The fact that he agreed that every man is created equal but owned slaves is completely frowned upon. The way he treated them was worse. When I see [the statue], I see a person who fought for the liberties, and I see people that fought for the justice and freedom of white America, because at that moment, we were still chattel slavery, and was three-fifths of humans,” (Dukes). What he is saying is one of the many reasons why people are saying to take down the monument. How could our leader be  fighting for freedom but own many African Americans against their will.

George Washington was a great president and war general, but many people did not know that he owned slaves and also treated them very poorly by cutting off there toes and whipping them.

In Conclusion The monument should be taken and replaced with someone who fought to end slavery and tried to actually bring equality and peace to this nation.     

By Sie Arciszewski and Joseph Delgado

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